The committee and subcommittees aim to meet regularly. Minutes from the meetings are displayed in the clubhouse on the upstairs noticeboard.

Committee Members and Staff 2017

Chairman : Ashley Holding
Treasurer : Neil Poland
Secretary : Heather Cowie
Tennis : TBC
Tournaments : Jason Baker
Social : TBC
Marketing : Louise Dubec
Committee Kate Malone
Gill Allen
 David Arthur Helen Erichsen
 Espen Erichsen Chris Newsam
Manager Laura Byers
Assistant Manager Alison Dry
Administrator Carmel Kinley
Bar and Catering Manager Kari Eklund


Appeal Panel

The Appeal Panel is constituted of the following elected members:

1. James Softley
2. Shirley Spurgeon
3. James Barton
4. Don McIntyre
5. Claire Hoffman