Welcome to our day time drills


Day time drills is a pay and play session each Friday 12:30pm – 2:00pm. Each week will have a slightly different theme allow everyone to practice and develop and wide ranges of skills, including technically, tactically, mentally and physically. These will be wrapped in to live hitting, baskets and open play whether singles or doubles. There are many benefits to these drills sessions and something that everyone can learn and develop from.


Cost: Each drills session is £12.00. Please pay at the bar BEFORE the session, either by card or account.  Please do not assume we know who has attended and will add to your account.


We must have a minimum if 6 players for the Drills to go ahead.


Each theme will be update here on the events page.


To sign up, please put your name down below.

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  1. Nick Sohail says:

    Yes please for drill

  2. Ronnie Macdonald says:

    yes please

  3. Ursula Oates says:

    Yes please for Friday 3rd

  4. Alison Ribbon says:

    Yes please for Freya Spokes

  5. Alison Ribbon says:

    Yes please.

  6. Karen REEVE says:

    Sorry – quick change – I can’t play

  7. Karen REEVE says:

    Yes please

  8. Beverly Davies says:

    Yes please

  9. Jane Brooks says:

    yes please

  10. Johnathan Brooks says:

    Yes please 3rd Feb. Ta!

  11. Andrea Lunn says:

    Yes please for Feb 3rd. Thanks

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