To celebrate the start of Spring and get everyone together for some tennis fun, we’re organising a Tea and Tennis Tournament on Saturday 18th March! 

  • 2-5pm, hard and clay courts
  • 4.45pm Trophies and Prize giving
  • 5pm Scone with jam and cream and pot of tea. Glass of fizz or a drink of your choice as an optional extra.

The cost will be £8.50, which will be charged to your account or paid via the bar on the day.

Please sign up below to give us an idea of numbers for courts and catering as well as your preference for fruit or plain scone.

Please ensure you are able to make the date once signed up as we will not be able to account for any refunds.

We are looking for 36 attendees and a couple of reserves. 

See who else has replied...

  1. Ciaran Osborn says:

    Fruit scone please 👍

  2. Ronnie Macdonald says:

    Gail and I would both like to play please. Fruit scones for both of us please : )

  3. Mark Goodale says:

    Norma and I would like to play. 1 fruit and 1 plain scone.

  4. Kevin Yates says:

    I am happy to join you – thanks

  5. Ciaran, plain or fruit scone? Thanks, Kari

  6. Brenda Rorke says:

    Yes please . Fruit scone for me please

  7. Maria Parker says:

    Yes please for Sara Barraud.
    1 fruit scone.Thank you

  8. Ciaran Osborn says:

    Count me in – many thanks

  9. Beverley drew says:

    Yes please and fruit scone for me

  10. Susan Prescott says:

    Richard and I would like to play – fruit scones for both of us please.

  11. Neil Poland says:

    yes please – fruit too.

  12. STEVE GRAHAM says:

    Yes please. Plain scone

  13. Paul Healey says:

    Fruit & play please

  14. Sarah Leefe-Griffiths says:

    I would like to play and can I bring Julian,
    My husband along too please – both fruit scones.

  15. Eamonn Cournane says:

    Yes please. Fruit scone.

  16. Laura Byers says:

    Sorry I can’t play in this anymore

  17. Maria Parker says:

    Yes please.
    Erik – fruit scone
    Maria -plain scone

  18. Debz Michael says:

    Yes please. Plain scone preferably!

  19. Laura Byers says:

    I would like to play please

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