Filming is due to take place at Tunbridge Wells Cricket Ground of an upcoming feature film titled ’83 from 1 to 5 July and 8 to 11 July between 7am and 7pm.

’83 tells the story of how India won the Prudential Cricket World Cup at Lords in 1983. The Nevill played host to one of the most memorable matches at that time between India and Zimbabwe. More details about the movie can be found here.

There will be some parking disruption for us here at TWLTC as follows:

We have been informed that the filming crew for this is likely to take up more of the Nevill Gate car park than previously thought and that parking is likely to be an issue on 1-5 and 8-11 July between 7am and 7pm. We have negotiated 12 spaces with the organisers so please inform them of this when you arrive at the gate.

You are welcome to park in our Upper Cumberland Walk car park during this time but please drive slowly and park with consideration for others. If you are unable to park in this car park, please DO NOT PARK on Upper Cumberland Walk.

Thank you for your patience.