The LTA will be launching the brand new World Tennis Number player rating system in 2020, making it easier for players of all abilities to find appropriate players to play with and against, and help you better track your progress.

Developed in partnership by the ITF, LTA, United States Tennis Association and Federation of French Tennis using the expertise of leading statisticians, the World Tennis Number will be used by the majority of nations around the world.

It will replace the LTA’s current ratings system next year and is designed to meet the needs of players from a recreational level through to the performance end of the sport. For the first time ever, the new system will feature player ratings for both singles and doubles.  It will also be more accurate, taking into account sets won as well as matches, and it will be more dynamic, updating regularly.

Full details about the World Tennis Number will be available later this year, including confirmation of the official launch date.  For now, you can find further information online via the LTA’s Help & FAQs pages.