The Government and LTA have updated their rules and guidance and we have now updated our own rules accordingly. We have a committee meeting tomorrow evening so there may be some more updates to follow shortly but for now, the prinicipal updates and points to note are:

  1. We are now able to offer social tennis for more than 16 people so have booked out a total of five courts for most sessions. Please continue to book on our Events Page for the time being as we are required to keep a record of all those attending the club to play.
  2. We are currently still not able to accept guests.
  3. Coaching can resume in groups of up to 15 children or 5 adults plus coach(es). The Government has made it clear that larger group tennis activity for children is only permitted in accordance with the Department for Education’s guidance for providers of out-of-school settings. The committee is currently reviewing the club’s coaching programme and we will be in touch shortly.
  4. Your own pre-attendance checks must be carried out before you come to play at the Club (see our updated rules for details).
  5. You are advised to limit your interactions with anyone outside of the group you are attending the Club with (e.g. players on another court or in a different coaching group), and you should continue to maintain social distancing from those that they do not live with or are in a support bubble with.
  6. We are required to advise you that undertaking any activity, including tennis, has the potential for increased risk of transmission of COVID-19 and that you should read the Government’s Guidance on staying safe outside your home.
  7. Whilst our changing rooms and showers can be opened after 25 July, the LTA states that their use should in general be avoided where possible. You are therefore encouraged to arrive at the Club in sports kit, and where possible to travel home to change. We will not be opening the showers just yet.
  8. LTA approved competitions (Grade 6) such as Matchplays and County & District Leagues can now take place outdoors, in line with the Government’s guidance on organising outdoor sport and physical activity participation events. Friendly matches between Clubs/Counties, Team Challenge, Quorn Family Tennis Cup and Internal Club Competition can also now restart outdoors in line with the Government’s guidance. More to follow in relation to competitions.
  9. The new court timings will start from Monday. Please bear this in mind if you are signing up for a mix-in or for Team Practice.
  10. Nicola will be sending out a draft version of the Summer Snookerball for those of you who have signed up, to check that your details are correct and to check that you think you are about where you should be in the boxes. If you have not received a copy of this by tomorrow morning and think that you have entered or think that you are in the wrong box, please do get in touch urgently as the competition will go live tomorrow evening.
  11. We are making good progress with the bar and the ceiling has now been painted, the walls are almost finished, and the railings won’t take much longer. The committee will be discussing when we might be able to start serving drinks again at the committee meeting tomorrow and I will update you as soon as we have any news.

Finally, we are looking to move some tables and chairs from the Nevill Golf Club to our bar during the week commencing 27 July. If anyone has a van and is able to help, we would be most grateful! Please do get in touch.

Thanks very much,

Laura Byers

Club Manager