Jane Gerrard update today 18 March 2021

Hi all, quick update. Good news, Pete’s mum and brother have finally been allowed to visit!

He responded to the sound of their voices and opened his eyes and even smiled!

Doctors are intending to move him to a rehabilitation hospital in Putney.

Thanks again for all the love and support.

Jane xxx

Jane Gerrard has updated today 10 March 2021

Hi all

A good news update

Piotr tracheostomy-removed

PEG-(feeding tube to stomach) successful

Piotr opening and moving his eyes for the first time. The hospital introduced a polish specialist to see if Piotr reacted to his mother language and he did. He followed with his eyes the sound of the polish voice. He did not repeat this again but still is a massive progress. They want his mum to come for visits asap and participate in rehabilitation. She is now in Tunbridge Wells so it’s a green light for her to visit and obviously, over the moon!

Marcin has setup a new tablet and headphones so hopefully we’ll all soon be able to leave voice messages.

Thanks for the continued love and support Jane xxx

Jane Gerrard has updated today 17th Feb 2021

Hi All

A little update and some good news!

Piotr has been moved to Tunbridge Wells, Pembury Hospital.  He is showing slight improvements but still in a coma.  His body has begun to make slight movements and there are some signs of him coming close to lifting from the coma.

His parents have booked flights to come over to the UK on 28 February and, with the help of your donations, will be able to stay in Piotr’s bedsit in Tunbridge Wells.  Thank you for all your ongoing support.

If you would like to donate  please click here.

Piotr – Justgiving page