It is with great excitement we would like to announce The TWLTC Junior Tournament Programme, sponsored by Eastbourne College.

This is a unique program designed to get kids competing in tennis, in a fun and exciting environment. Tennis has more players training and not playing than any other sport.

We understand that opportunities in tennis for young children to compete can be daunting and not always welcoming with very few opportunities to compete locally.  Therefore we have designed a junior tournament programme in house to help build and support all our juniors at TWLTC.

The TWLTC Junior Tournament Programme will cater for beginners to more seasonal players who can compete both in singles, doubles and as a team, which we feel will introduce them to the competitive side of tennis, and naturally improve their game.

How Does It Work

The TWLTC Junior Tournament Programme is a starting block to getting children playing Tennis and not just having lessons. Every event is tailored to maximise the enjoyment and energy tennis can bring.

The TWLTC Junior Tournament Programme does not just focus on the results but more on how many matches each child is playing. Each player will have their own unique log of how many matches they have played. With every match played getting them closer to prizes and awards.

Depending upon the event each child can have up to 8 matches. These matches all go towards their own personal match tracker. ¬†Every player will have their own tracker they can fill in to see how close they are to getting prizes, but don’t worry, we will also keep track of their results.

Once signed up using the form below we will send across your player pack with further information.

Tunbridge Wells LTC Junior Tournament Programme Brochure – Sponsored by Eastbourne College


Please sign up on the form below – you can enter as many events as you like (age specific).

Junior Tournament Sign Up

Sponsored By Eastbourne College