This is a singles ladder which runs from September through to April every year. Approximately 120 players compete each season and the season is divided in to five rounds. There are five players per box so each player has four matches to play every six weeks. At the end of the round, the two players with the highest scores move up a box, the two with the lowest move down a box and the person in the middle stays put. The winners of each round receive a £5 voucher to spend behind the bar, provided they have played at least three matches.

It is possible to join the league part way through subject to spaces becoming available. You are welcome to submit a form and you will be notified if you are entered or placed on a waiting list.

At the end of the season, prize money is paid to the players who have won the most divisions and to those who have accrued the most points throughout the season. These prizes can be for any level of player as the criterion is to accrue points through winning games, regardless of the box level.


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  • If you have an account at TWLTC, the £15 entry will be charged to your account. Otherwise please put cash in a clearly marked envelope with your name and “Snookerball League” written on the front.
  • I consent to my contact details being made available to members only through the members' area of the website