N.B The Windbreaker between courts 8 / 11 & 9 /12 are being temporarily removed.  This is due to them not being able to defrost due to shade.  They will be going back up once the weather gets warmer.

Winter use

Please check the weather forecast prior to leaving home.

If in doubt you can call the office – 01892 525 625.

Light surface frost– drag the surface to break up any frost and check to ensure the surface is not too
slippery for play to commence. But if it is frozen, wait for it to thaw before using the court.

Snow – If Snow on courts please DO NOT PLAY ON THEM.   Do not walk on the snow as this will compact it and turn the snow to ice slowing the thawing process.

Ice -DO NOT playing on a frozen surface.

Do not attempt to play or take maintenance equipment onto the court if it is frozen or in the process of