Tunbridge Wells Lawn Tennis Club Limited is owned and operated by a company limited by guarantee which is itself owned by the members of the Club and run by its board.

The Club has approximately 550 adult and 430 junior playing members. The Club is managed by the Management Team and a Committee. The Committee is appointed by Club members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

At the AGM the Members are presented with the Club’s annual accounts as compiled by the Treasurer and audited by the Club’s accountant. The Chair’s annual report, and items in the agenda requiring a vote for their rejection or approval are distributed by the Secretary.

The Club’s Management Team comprises the Club Manager, Club Administrator, Head Coach and Bar and Catering Manager. The honorary committee roles are the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. The Management Team’s role is to provide the Club with leadership and direction whilst taking into account the interests of the Club’s membership and those on the coaching programme. The Management Team liaises closely with the volunteers at every playing level across the Club who make things happen. The Committee is involved in non-day to day decision making, involving areas of larger expenditure and points of principle referred to it by the Management Team. Members of the Committee usually have a designated area of responsibility such as Tennis/Social Events or marketing and they work hard behind the scenes to maximise the potential of the Club for all.

As a Club we aim to keep it as positive and inclusive as possible for all involved in playing, watching and enjoying tennis at Tunbridge Wells, whilst always respecting and upholding respect for both authority and opponents and upholding inter-personal concepts of enjoyment, self-control, courage and persistence in everything we do.

Board Members

ChairAlper Deniz
TreasurerTommy Walsh
SecretaryBrigid Ewins
Risk and ComplianceDarius Mayhew
Legal Paul Stewart
Courts and GroundsPaul Healey
Clubhouse/RefurbishmentPaul Darby


Appeal Panel

Don McIntyre

Claire Hofman

Shirley Spurgeon

Alison Stewart