How to book a court

As part of your membership at TWLTC you will be able to book our clay and tarmac courts. Courts are bookable up to one week in advance and are available in half hour slots from 8:30am to 9:30pm. All tennis members, including juniors, may book the courts free of charge. Restrictions apply to mid-week members.

Tunbridge Wells Lawn Tennis Club uses a fully computerised booking system for our members to enable them to reserve a tennis court. This can be done via the portal. You can book courts up to 7 days in advance. Court bookings open at 8am each day. If you book a court but then need to cancel, please do so as soon as possible to give another member the chance to use the court.

Grass courts cannot be booked and can generally be played on from 11am during the summer months (usually early May to mid-September). The time when play should finish varies from month to month but you are asked not to play when the grass is damp or wet as this can damage the courts and lead to injury. If the grass courts are open and a court is available, you are free to use it.

Our courts are clearly labelled on the portal booking system but for ease of reference, courts 1-4 are tarmac courts and all are floodlit until 9.30pm, courts 5-13 are artificial clay courts, with courts 5-7 and 11-13 floodlit until 9.30pm and courts 8 and 9 are floodlit until 9pm. Please bare in mind that court 10 is not floodlit. Courts 14 to 21 are grass courts and are not floodlit.


During social mix–ins, lights are paid for by the club. If you wish to use them on an individual basis the cost is £3 per half hour and tokens can be obtained from the club office or from the bar. If you wish to play on or will be playing immediately after the members currently on your court, please make sure that you insert the next token before the lights turn off.  If you fail to do this and the lights go out, they will take 15 minutes to come back on.  Your time is automatically added on to what remains on the timer.

On Mondays, we operate a free floodlight night after 7pm.

TWLTC Ball Machine Hire

We have a ball machine available for booking and hire at TWLTC.

You can reserve the ball machine via our portal.

Billy is located in the cupboard under the stairs. If you require assistance, please speak to a member of staff when you are here so we can help you get started!