With 9 clay courts now fully in action, it’s good to remember that all of our clay courts need proper care and maintenance. Regular dragging helps to redistribute the clay evenly, assists in prolonging the lifetime of the courts and ensures all players get maximum benefit from the surface. Please make sure you do your bit by dragging the courts after you play to leave them ready for the next players.

How to Drag

Starting around the perimeter of each half court area, players should drag the brush/net  behind them and move in ever decreasing circles, slightly overlapping with the last, moving in towards the centre of their end of the court. This will not only groom the surface to   remove foot and ball impressions, but also help to move the loose infill back towards the centre of the court. Any debris that accumulates on the drag net should be shaken off at the edge of the playing area. When completed, return the brush/net to its storage position.

Preparing the courts for the next players should only take a couple of minutes. If the courts are very wet, grooming will be less effective, but this should not be used as an excuse to get  out of the habit of court grooming when conditions are dry.

When not to drag

Wet – if dragging the courts is making more marks than it is removing then the surface is too  wet.

Light surface frost– no restrictions on play provided surface is not slippery, but it is recommended to drag the courts the night before so the infill is even, as dragging a frosty surface will not be effective.

Ice– avoid playing on a frozen surface in the interests of safety.