TWLTC enters many teams into various different leagues. As a result, we cater on a competitive level for highly experienced players to those who play at a more intermediate level. If you want to play competitive tennis at TWLTC, there will almost certainly be something for you.

Twice a year we have an online team sign-up page for each set of teams that we enter into the various leagues. We also usually run an intro evening where you can turn up to hit competitively with other members if you are interested in playing for a team but do not know where you might fit in.

There are four players in each team playing in two different pairings. Matches take place throughout the year and generally each team will play 4-5 matches in the Kent League and 8 matches in the Maidstone League. Each match is expected to last around 3-3.5 hours in total (excluding travel to away matches).  Details of the various leagues are set out below. The precise numbers of teams entered varies from year to year:

Kent League

WEEKEND: we usually enter around five Men’s Doubles, six Ladies’ Doubles and six Mixed Doubles teams into this league. These are weekend fixtures played at TWLTC and away clubs within Kent.

MID-WEEK: Ladies’/Men’s Midweek Doubles. These are mid-week daytime fixtures played at TWLTC and away clubs within Kent.

Please find our current teams and fixtures below.

Kent and Maidstone Team Captains Contacts Summer 2024

Kent League Fixtures Calendar – Weekend – Summer 2024

Kent League Fixture Calendar – Mid-Week – Summer 2024

LTA Kent Teams League Tables


Maidstone League

WEEKDAY EVENINGS: We usually enter 2-3 Ladies’ Doubles teams and a Mixed Combi Doubles team in this league. These are mid-week evening fixtures usually played on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6.30pm at TWLTC and away clubs in the Maidstone district.

Maidstone League Fixtures Calendar – Summer 2024

LTA Maidstone Teams League Tables

LTA Team Tennis Leagues

These matches take place during the summer only and are highly competitive! The teams play both doubles and singles and we usually enter around two men’s and one ladies’ team and up to 12 junior teams.


How To Get Involved

If you are interested in playing for one of our teams, you can sign up when you hear from us at the team selection stage, or you can let the club know (on that you would like to put your name down as a reserve if we are part way through the season.