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Results so far:
Ladies’ Singles – Elena Holland
Men’s Singles – Jonny Pullar
Ladies’ Doubles – Elena Holland and Lucy Van Doren
Men’s Doubles – Nick Armstrong and Anand Ganesan
Mixed Doubles – Adam Swan and Elena Holland
Mixed Medley – TBC
Men’s 45&O Singles – TBC
Men’s 45&O Doubles – TBC
Men’s 60&O Singles – David Arthur
Ladies’ 60&O Doubles – Julia Patience and Alison Stewart
Men’s 60&O Doubles – Michael Hammond and Liam Griffith
Men’s 70&O Doubles – Alex Gibb and Geoffrey Levitt
Ladies’ Vets Doubles – TBC
Men’s Handicap Singles – Freddie Rosin
Ladies’ Handicap Doubles – TBC
Men’s Handicap Doubles – Alexei Rosin and Freddie Rosin
Mixed Handicap Doubles – Ciaran Osborn and Allison Pettit
Boys’ 14 and Under Singles – Noah Chaturvedi
Boys’ 18 and Under Singles – James Casey
Boys’ 10 and Under Singles – Louis Freeman
Boys’ 12 and Under Singles – Noah Chaturvedi
Parent and Child Handicap Doubles – Richard Freeman and Louis Freeman