Singles & Doubles Ladders

Tunbridge Wells Lawn Tennis Club runs competitions for members throughout the year.  Our aim is to offer competitive tennis in both singles and doubles, for players of all abilities. We recognise the importance of providing all of our members with the opportunity to experience stimulating tennis at their particular level as well as the social benefits of arranging matches directly with other members.

These competitions are operated through a ladder system so that all participants can track their progress throughout the season.  As the league table results are published through the members’ area of the portal, players can also keep a close eye on how their rivals are doing! The competition information is set out in more detail below – do read the specific rules, particularly relating to the scoring system for each event:

The Snookerball League

This is a singles ladder which runs from September through to April every year.  Approximately 120 players compete each season and the season is divided in to five rounds. There are five players per box so each player has four matches to play every six weeks. At the end of the round, the two players with the highest scores move up a box, the two with the lowest move down a box and the person in the middle stays put.

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The Winter Slam

This mixed doubles ladder comprises of pairs of men and women in any combination. There are usually eight pairs per box and the first round runs from September to the end of December. The second and final round is from January to April. This is a popular competition offering players an interesting mix of tennis and a great opportunity to socialise whilst competing. Once again, the promotion and relegation principles applied mirrors those of the other competitions.

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Ladies’ Doubles Boxes

Throughout the year, we run ladies’ doubles boxes, which are also based on a ladder system. Players can sign up with a partner or, for those new to the club, we will find them a partner if need be. The boxes comprise six to eight pairs and the tournaments operate on a termly basis giving players one match a fortnight on average. Scores are entered online and the same promotion and relegation principles apply. This competition is open to both mid-week and full members.

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Club Championships

Every April, our Club Championships commence.  This is a hugely popular knock-out grass court tournament. There are several categories to enter for all ages and abilities, including handicapped events in both singles and doubles.

The age categories range from juniors U8 to our over 60s events giving every member the opportunity to compete. Finals day takes place in July each year and is a well-attended event with tennis of the highest level on display.