The Benefits of using Billy the Ball Machine

Hit up to 750 balls during the course of an hour while benefiting from a workout that will improve your fitness level and your overall conditioning, strengthen your footwork, and improve your game significantly.

  • Heaviest spin: A top spin designed to bounce to a string-breaking shoulder-height and a slice that’ll challenge you like a touring pro. Mastery of top and back spins is what separates the average player from a champion!
  • 50 and 60 degree lobs: The Elite’s powerful overhead lobs are twice as high as other ball machines that typically are 30 degrees or less. Professionals skilled at lobs dominate the court. Master this little-practiced stroke.

  • Fastest and slowest speed: The Elite ball machine can deliver at 80mph or be reduced to as little as 20mph
  • Six spot random sweep: Be challenged by a sweep that strikes an unparalleled random six spots on the court.
  • Extreme portability: The Elite can be transported over all surfaces, including stairs, gravel, and grass, without easily tipping over.
  • Extended use: 4.5 to 8 hour play time before recharging. The Elite won’t quit before you’re ready to stop!
  • Unique ball capacity viewer: A ball capacity viewer enables you to see, from your side of the net, when to reload the hopper.

Ball Machine Operating Instructions 2015

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Ball Machine Rules of Use 2015

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