Board Nomination Form

Outline of the Role of a Board Member

CASC Fit and Proper Declaration and Helpsheet

Board Members Code of Conduct

Please find above links to a nomination form for the Board elections that will take place at the Club’s AGM on 26th September. The nominations are for the positions of the Officers, Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, as well as the Directors. Please indicate on the form which position you wish to stand for.

Members can only nominate or second one candidate for each of the Officer positions and one Director. A nomination needs to be proposed and seconded by a voting member of the Club (members over the age of 18). Current Board members and staff will not be able to propose or second any member. Further details can be found on the form.


Please return the completed form to Irene Clark (, the Club Manager by 10.00 on Monday 11th September 2023. Please note, members who put their names forward previously will need to complete the form as well, apologies for this.


Members will be able to vote by proxy if they are unable to attend the AGM on the resolutions, as well as the Board elections. Full details of this will be sent out with the formal notice of the AGM shortly.


The Board is currently in particular need of the following skill sets and\or experience, as also outlined on the form:

o   Finance

o   Coaching

o   Marketing

o   Social Media

o   HR

o   IT Systems

Board members should attend all Board meetings and Operations Committee meetings they are requested at, with an expectation that you would attend at least 75% of the meetings in person. Directors will also need to be able to respond to emails and read reports as required, in a timely manner. Many of the Directors will also be responsible for running a sub-Committee, for which they will report into the Board. It is hoped that the time commitment will not be too onerous but it is important that you recognise what is required as a voluntary Director of the Company, in terms of your legal responsibilities and general duties and the need to have the time available to be an active member of the Board. Further details of your legal responsibilities, as well as the Director’s Code of Conduct can be found here, as well as a general outline of the role of a director here. If you would like to discuss any aspect further, please contact myself or any member of the Board.

The Officer roles do require a greater time commitment, and ideally the ability to attend meetings during the day. They also require specific skill sets and experience. Officers are entitled to honorary membership whilst serving on the Board, in recognition of this additional commitment.

If you have any questions please contact me, any Board member, or Irene.

Kind Regards

Brigid Ewins

Company Secretary


Tunbridge Wells Lawn Tennis Club Limited

A Company registered in England & Wales. Company Number: 13112942. Registered Office: Nevill Gate, Warwick Park, Tunbridge Wells, TN2 5ES